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What our participants are saying...

"Pilates Etc. studio and professional trainers are awesome! I had individual Pilates sessions in Atlanta, Africa (Windhoek, Namibia) & Milwaukee before coming here. Adrianne encourages my groaning progress twice a week; and progress it is! At 76 Pilates is enabling me to do really, really heavy yard work (pick axe, digging, shoveling, blowing leaves etc.) for hours on end, full of the joy only digging in the dirt can bring. Thanks also to Stephanie and Scilla who have contributed to my prowess. All of them are knowledgeable, patient, kind & caring while gently and firmly pushing one to one's limits. Each session is expertly tailored to one's unique body type and physical needs. Even my husband has become a believer, growing without groaning, under Stephanie's weekly training. Bravo, Stephanie for your 13 years as owner of this wonderful studio!" ~ Alison Lynch

"I was interested in Pilates to increase core strength and flexibility. After working with Scilla Leitner the last four months I'm feeling my best in the last 10 years. Scilla is an excellent instructor who cares about her clients and makes the sessions challenging and enjoyable. The studio is a great environment where you can concentrate on your workout and meet people with similar goals." ~ Louis DePatto

"I have been going to Pilates Etc. for over 2 years now and have been extremely happy with my experience in the group classes as well as the Pilates classes. I have had each of the certified instructors in Pilates and each gives me an exceptional and distinctive style in their session. I have less pain, feel stronger and have more energy and I credit Pilates and this studio for my accomplishments." ~ Polly Bradie

Pilates Etc.  11711 Jefferson Avenue, Suite C, Newport News, VA 23606